Student Terms and Conditions

By using Tandew, LLC (Tandew) services, including the Tandew Online Application (Tandew App), students and/or parents (client) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. The client understands that each Tandew Tutor is an independent contractor and not a direct employee of Tandew.

2. The client understands that even though Tandew Tutors have undergone a formal background check, client still assumes the inherent risks of meeting with a tutor. The client will keep all contact professional.

3. For client and tutor safety, Tandew requires that all tutoring services and meetings take place in public meeting locations appropriate for tutoring and study. Some examples: libraries, coffee shops, public campus buildings.

4. All tutoring service charges are due immediately and payment will be facilitated by Tandew using the payment method designated in client's account, after which Tandew will send client a receipt. If a tutoring session duration differs from the initially schedule, charges will reflect the revised duration of the tutoring session.

5. Tandew cannot guarantee that a student’s academic performance will improve due to the use of Tandew services. Tandew Tutors are educated in their tutoring specialities, but there is no guarantee that they are free from error.

6. If the client is not satisfied with the services during the first meeting with the tutor, that client should contact Tandew management immediately and the client will not be charged for that first meeting. If the client continues with Tandew services past the first meeting, Tandew will assume that the client is satisfied.

7. Cancellation Policy

7a. If client cancels a tutoring request that has been accepted and it is within 90-minutes of the scheduled start time, or if client simply does not show-up to a scheduled tutoring appointment, client will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.

7b. Client may cancel an accepted tutoring request, without charge, if it is greater than 90-minutes before the schedule start time. Client will never be charged a fee for cancelling tutoring requests that have not been accepted.

7c. If a Tandew Tutor cancels a tutoring session, it is recommended the the student immediately send a new session request for the desired tutoring time in order to find a replacement. If the Tandew Tutor has cancelled within 90-minutes of the start time, the student should contact Tandew Management at 541-286-5181.

7d. Tandew Tutors are required to wait at least 15-minutes at a tutoring session location before assuming that a client is not showing up.

8. Clients and Tandew Tutors hereby agree not to arrange payments and services without the involvement of Tandew.